About Us

Our Vision

  • Patients, family and friends acknowledge their experience at Shoreline Spine & Sport as “ideal patient care.”
  • The community views Shoreline Spine & Sport as an indispensable resource in the conservative management of musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Recognized by commercial insurers and workers’ compensation panels as providers of high quality care.
  • Physicians take pride in being providers for Shoreline Spine & Sport, LLC.

Our Mission

The mission of Shoreline Spine & Sport, LLC is to provide excellence in patient care, teaching and research in an environment that is respectful of others, adaptive to change and accountable for outcomes.

Our Commitments

  • Access Timely and professional care.
  • Safety ­ Ensure that our patients receive proper treatment in a safe environment.
  • Clinical Excellence ­ Ensure that measured outcomes meet/exceed agreed upon expectations. Respected clinical practice policies, procedures and other standards are practiced 100% of the time. Tests, treatments, and procedures are thoroughly explained to patients and are understood.
  • Education Early transitions from our treatment to self-care strategies. Supervised and home-based postural and corrective exercise/stretching programs.  This limits out-of pocket expense and empowers the patient to achieve independence from care.
  • Courtesy/Caring ­ Staff always practice good manners, are friendly, polite, and emotionally sensitive to each individual whether patient, family, or friend.
  • Healing Environment ­ A supportive setting is developed and maintained that embraces the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health and healing.